What does Rudi Metzler do?

Rudi Metzler

To describe Rudi Metzler as a veteran of the music business is by no means an exaggeration. After all, the German drummer has been part of the music-instrument scene for almost half a century and spent 33 years making Rock Shop in Karlsruhe what it is today. At the end of March 2015, he stepped down from the active side of the business. But there is no thought of retirement in Metzler’s mind. On the contrary: “Today, I do what attracted me to the music-instrument business in the first place: I make music. And, in my spare time, I give drum lessons to both beginners and advanced players.” According to Metzler, many ex-musicians have developed into good musical-instrument people – but I am taking the opposite route. Let’s see how it works out.” But regardless of how his career as a musician turns out, Rudi Metzler is doing it his own way and following his destiny. As he says, making music is for him, “the best attitude to life”.

He has many good memories of his professional life: “It was always a great source of pleasure for me when, for example, a customer made a purchase on the basis of some good advice they had just been given. Today, I still encounter many satisfied customers from my selling days.” Naturally, there are some things he still misses from this time: the trips to distant venues with other music-instrument retailers, the trade fairs, the in-house exhibitions and, “… the zany colleagues from my live-group times.”

Metzler has a special relationship with Musikmesse. Between 1969 and 2015, he estimates he spent a total of around 140 days in the exhibition halls in Frankfurt. “We had some great times”, he says. This year, he plans to return to the fair, time permitting. “I am still in close contact with some colleagues from the retail trade. I will use Musikmesse to say hello to some good old friends and acquaintances.” We’re looking forward to seeing you there, Rudi!

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