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Musikmesse Plaza, 6 April 2019

Pop-up Market - Gear. Vintage. Lifestyle.

The Musikmesse Plaza (6 April 2019) is an innovative event concept focusing on musicians and music lovers in hall 1.1. The foundation of Musikmesse Plaza comprises a variety of thematic worlds.


Fairground Musikmesse Plaza


Gitarren Ausstellung

The Instrument Market gives you the chance to purchase musical instruments directly from manufacturers and retailers.


Vintage Ausstellung

Another focal point is Vintage Guitar Show. In cooperation with No. 1 Guitar Center Hamburg, the Vintage Guitar Show will be organised where everyone can buy, sell and trade their instruments.

Additionally, you will find a selection of vintage drums, electric organs and other collectors’ pieces for ambitious musicians. Moreover, they can gain insights into the history of PA systems.

Vintage Concert Audio Show

The Vintage Concert Audio Show presents over 200 exhibits, among them all milestones of the Concert-Audio history of the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Visitors can see how the world looked like before LineArrays and digital desks. Technicians and engineers get their hands back on their "toys" from before the 2000s era.

ISDV - The Professional Association of Self-employed Service Providers in the Entertainment Industry - and VCA – The Vintage Concert Audio Show & Experience - have partnered for a joint-forces booth.

The exhibits have been collected in the deepest cellars and from the farthest warehouse corners in Europe to bring them together in Frankfurt. Everything, from the first WEM, Vox and Marshall PA-systems to Martin Modular, Meyer MSL3, Clairbrothers S4 to the first L'Acoustics line array, will be represented. And in many parts even audible: every day a decade-bound audio panel will be taking place. Sound engineers of the respective time will tell you their story, will philosophize about the technology and, of course, answer the questions of the booth visitors.

The ISDV will be organizing panels with daily changing content and discussion partners from politics, science and industry on topics of "labour and social affairs". Daily rates will be discussed as well as false-self-employment or the future of our industry.

Each night, a get-together will be taking place, where the VCA presents an original set-up of a contemporary PA to invite you to listen and try out. You can experience live recordings from tape recorder, vinyl and compact cassette.

The Vintage Concert Audio Show booth is placed in Forum Level 0.

Vinyl & CD Market

Vinyl & CD Market

In the Sound Recording Media + Labels segment, vinyl fans will find a Vinyl & CD Market in cooperation with ´Wolly`s Börsen´. Open to both private and commercial dealers. Musikmesse Plaza will provide a forum for independent companies from the music industry.

SINFONIMA CUVÉE DARLING 2019: Exhibition and auction of master bows and instruments

Sinfonima Ausstellung

To play, hear and purchase instruments and bows by modern, national and international instrument and bow makers – that is the idea behind the SINFONIMA CUVÉE DARLING 2019 exhibition.

At an instrument auction, you can evaluate and purchase high-quality refurbished bows and instruments during the exhibition. The highest offer wins. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

SINFONIMA CUVÉE DARLING 2019 will be held in the ‘Rotunde’ of the ‘Festhalle’ at Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre on 5 und 6 April. Admission is free of charge on the Friday with the Musikmesse ticket and on the Saturday with a Musikmesse Plaza ticket.


Junger Musiker auf der Bühne

The Accessories + Lifestyle segment brings together a broad spectrum of products. There, visitors will find everything from instrument equipment, via fashion and merchandising articles, to consumer electronics, jukeboxes and arcade machines.

Musikmesse themes

Junge spielt E-Gitarre

Workshops by top musicians, showcases by artists of various genres, autograph sessions and ‘meet & greets’ from the Events + Education section of Musikmesse will also be held on the Saturday. The successful ‘Discover Music’ project for young people, which sends kindergarten and school children on a musical journey of discovery from Tuesday to Friday, is being extended to include the Saturday. There, young newcomers to the world of music can take their first steps with musical instruments while even experienced musicians can expand their horizons.

Musikmesse Festival

Till Brönner

A multifarious programme of events at the fairground and in the city of Frankfurt rounds up the Saturday for the music fan.

You want to exhibit at the Musikmesse Plaza?

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