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Conference: Music in Class

The symposium is designed for music teachers of general education schools, music schools and at music students.

The Conference  'Music in Class' will take place on Friday, 5.4.2019 in the Music Education Forum.

Music-making in the classroom is an indispensable and basic form of music learning in school and points to higher goals, which nowadays are often summarised under the formula of "intelligent musical practice." Werner Jank asks what this phrase means, or could be taken to mean, and what making music in class and "intelligent musical practice" have to do with each other.

Dr. Werner Jank is Professor of Musical Education and Performing Art in Frankfurt am Main and is course director of the Department of Music.

He is the author of numerous publications on music teaching (Musik-Didaktik (Musical Education), Berlin, sixth revised edition 2017), on step-by-step music teaching (Music Step by Step, 2 vols. Innsbruck etc. 2010, 2015; PRIMACANTA – Jedem Kind seine Stimme (Give every Child its Voice), Innsbruck etc., 2019), and on general educational theory and practice.

That education should prepare people for living together in a culturally diverse society is an omnipresent postulate, particularly given the migration flows of the last few years. Current music-teaching curricula likewise emphasise the importance and value of intercultural learning in music teaching. From such approaches stem questions of educational theory and practice with regard to the actual design of music lessons: how, in music teaching, can the reflection of one's own cultural orientation in music be stimulated and intercultural learning be encouraged? With what attitudes do learners approach "foreign" music? What musical access points exist? This talk will consider practical examples of materials for teaching and try them out in a practical way, while presenting the results of a research project into intercultural learning in music teaching.  

Jonas Völker (1988) is an academic assistant and graduate student of musical education at the Freiburg Academy of Music and also works professionally as a percussionist.

He studied school music, majoring in percussion, at the Karlsruhe Academy of Music (taking his degree in 2013) and political science at the University of Heidelberg (taking his degree in 2015). As part of a cooperative research project reviewing the training of music teachers (“KoMuF”) Jonas Völker closely addressed questions of intercultural learning in music teaching. As a musician he plays in various ensembles, including the prize-winning percussion duo "BeatBop."

Emotional evaluations are always resonating in the background whenever music is under discussion. By contrast, musicological descriptions of music are always located in the context of empirical musical experience.

An empirical study on the effects of music produced some interesting findings about the evaluation and assessment of different types of music which must be seen as a function of musical activity. The survey was addressed to female school students who only listen to music or play it more or less actively.

The hypothesis that music is treated with tolerance and reflection the more musical activity takes place will be discussed using empirical results.

Professor Armin Lange, Mozarteum University, Salzburg and Innsbruck
Armin Langer first studied industrial economics and then education (music and sport) at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University of Frankfurt (1976-1982); he gained his doctorate in 1992. At the University of Frankfurt am Main he was a tutor in the Institute of Musical Education (1996-1998), where he took seminars on educational theory and practice. In 1999 he became Rector in his capacity at Head of Training for Music. Armin Langer is a co-founder of the Frankfurt am Main UNI Big Band, the director of various jazz ensembles, founded jointly with Professor Oebelsberger in 2003 the "MFÖ" research initiative (Musikpädagogische Forschung Österreich, the Austrian Research Group on Musical Education), and until 2014 was Deputy Speaker of the Forum for European Musical Education (Forum Europäische Musikpädagogik (FEMP)). Today he is head of the Department of Musical Education at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg.

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