Stage Drum Camp 2017

Musikmesse Brandworld Drums

The ideal concept for exhibitors to present their products and services for percussion instruments

Exhibit your brand in the attractive environment of the Musikmesse Brandworld Drums. Not only can you exhibit your instruments and accessories here; you can also actively shape the way in which information about your products is communicated, involve your endorsers and present your products alongside other famous brands to an international audience, in an attractive zone that guarantees them a memorable experience.

Drum Brand Area

Anika NIlles - Drum Camp

The Drum Brand Area offers an appealing exhibition format for your company. Using all-in, ready-made exhibition stands that you can then personalise, you will be able to present your brand in the best possible context. The all-inclusive package for exhibitors includes not only the construction of the completed stand, but also the furniture, the technical installations and the organisation, as well as other services such as catering, receptionists, cleaning and security surveillance. Also included in the package is the design, together with top-quality branding. You can book floor space in this zone from as little as EUR 189 per square metre.

Drum Camp

Sweat, Blood and Tears Box

In the Musikmesse Drum Camp, visitors can experience performances of world-famous artists at first hand in the Camp’s centrepiece, the ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears Box’. In the intimate atmosphere of the soundproof cabin, visitors get closer to the top-flight musicians than they ever would at a concert. Every day, visitors can see and hear leading drummers with their original instruments and set ups.

Drum College

In the Musikmesse Drum College, you will have the opportunity to introduce your artists and endorsers. There will be workshops and master classes every day in the Drum College, led by famous musicians in separate seminar rooms. They will demonstrate their higher-level technique, give practical tips and explain ways in which musicians can improve the playing of their chosen instrument.

Drum Academy

Drum Camp

In the Musikmesse Drum Academy, selected premium instruments can be presented live - the best way to convince the international dealers, distributors, musicians and educationalists of the subtleties and special features of your products. This creates an area for contact between manufacturers and customers, the like of which is offered by no other trade fair in the world. Slots for the Academy are open to all Drum Brand World exhibitors at no additional cost. The full-service package includes all the technical equipment, set-up and break-down, as well as organisational and operational support.

Would you like to exhibit at the Musikmesse Brandworld Drums? If so, please contact Marius Münkel. He will be pleased to help you:

Marius Münkel

Sales Musikmesse

Marius Münkel

Phone +49 69 75 75-57 87

Fax +49 69 75 75-957 87

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