Vinyl- & CD-Markt at Musikmesse Plaza
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Vinyl & CD exchange

A gold mine for collectors and everyone in search of rare editions. Thousands and thousands of vinyl treasures and CDs all in one place. Friends of vinyl & CD exchanges know the sound: that soft "flap-flap-flap" when you leaf through cover after cover of album after album. The rapid crack of CD sleeves. And then the joy of finally having found one of those albums you have been longing for all this time.


Just leave yourself a bit more time.

The vinyl & CD exchange at Musikmesse Plaza '20 is a huge lucky bag and guaranteed to bring surprises every time. Covering every genre, excellently curated and arranged. This is where collectors find their passion truly catered for.

Hunt it out!

A rarity in its original gatefold sleeve in excellent mint condition? The Japan pressings you still don't have? Or just a regular Stones album which disappeared as if by magic from a party years ago? Here is the place to seek and find.

The vinyl & CD exchange at Musikmesse Plaza '20 is a collaboration with Wolly's Börsen.

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