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7 – 10.4.2016, Frankfurt am Main


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Music4Kids fosters enthusiasm for making music in all age groups

Extended offering for youngsters, young adults and families on Friday and Saturday

Music4Kids, the participatory music exhibition for children with a feeling for rhythm and music, is held during the international Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

At Music4Kids, children can discover the world of music and sound, and try out real instruments and sound installations – touching and trying are expressly permitted! In a variety of experience zones in hall 5.0 Music4Kids shows children that making music is fun. The exhibition explains the basic principles of sound physics and musical parameters in a playful way and, at the installations, children and young people have the chance to experience sound physics themselves.


Additionally, trained music teachers hold brief workshops for small groups on playing together and handling instruments. This enables children to test and play real musical instruments, e.g., a violin or trumpet. Throughout, the emphasis is on the pleasure of making music and trying out instruments.

Registrated groups from kindergartens, nurseries and primary schools can visit the participatory exhibition free of charge.


On both public visitor days (17 and 18 April 2015) that the fair  the special area is accessible to all interested visitors. In this way, families with older and younger children, as well as advanced musicians, are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in worlds of sound that are completely new. In addition to the interactive show on these days, the offering also includes instrument courses, performances by well-known artists and newcomer-bands, contests and many other highlights, all with the aim of promoting and consolidating the musical urge for action.


The special exhibition is not only a magnet for the little ones but also for young people and families. Continuing interest is also ensured by special items on the programme, such as drum workshops with Dirk Brand (drummer of the successful German rock band Axxis) and the Reloop DJ Workshop. Another highlight: the 15 year old opera singer Sophie Schwerthöffer (launched to fame by the RTL television show ‘Das Supertalent’) will sing ‘Children of the World’ in the Music4Kids area.



From Monday to Thursday (13 April to 16 April) Music4Kids offers the customary opportunity for registered groups from kindergartens, crèches and primary schools to explore the world of sounds.

Sold out! All free slots for kindergartens, crèches and primary schools are already booked.

Friday and saturday (17. + 18. april) the area is open for all visitors.

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